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Ken Schilling got started training dogs in 1973, when he joined the U.S. Military. After hearing that the military trained dogs to " . . . do everything but fly, and in that case we teach them to parachute . . . " Ken signed on and started his long career as a trainer of dogs, training them to find snipers, ordinance, weapons, even search and rescue.

Known as the "Dog Whisperer" to his students, Ken has an amazing ability to get dogs to do what he wants them to, through what he calls the Schilling's Balanced Method. To him, balance is everything in dog training, not dominance.

After the military, he moved on to start his own kennel, then worked for the U.S. Customs service in South Texas, where he trained and handled dogs in drug interdiction along the U.S. border. You can see a timeline of Ken's history here.

After working for customs, Ken moved on to independently training dogs for the general public, bringing with him intense knowledge of how to train dogs. In 1995 he moved to Oregon, where he and his wife Lynn opened Schilling's Northwest Law Dogs.

Today you will find Ken working with dogs and their people from all walks of life, training Police dogs and helping people like you, who want to have a more enjoyable life with their best friend. see testimonials and certifications


  • 1995 - Established Schilling's Northwest Law Dogs; Ken Schilling, Professional Dog Training
  • 1994 - Certificate of Recognition; Texas Rangers Company F
  • 1994 - Certificate of Recognition; McAllen Police Department
  • 1994 - Certificate of Completion; 40 hrs. K-9 Patrol Tactical (Officer Survival) McAllen Police Department
  • 1994 - Licensed; Texas Board of Private Investigators and Private Security Agencies; DEA Registered
  • 1992 - Certificate of Completion; 50 hrs. Advanced Instructor Curriculum and Design, Texas Engineering Extension Service, The Texas A&M University System, Criminal Justice Academy
  • 1991 - Certificate of Completion; 288 hrs. Canine Narcotic Technical Trainer's Course, U.S. Department of the Treasury, U.S. Customs Service
  • 1991 - Certificate of Completion; 80 hrs Basic K-9 Patrol/Tracking Techniques; Lower Rio Grande Valley Regional Police Academy
  • 1990 - Certificate of Award; United States Department of the Treasury
  • 1987 - Certificate of Completion; 544 hrs. Canine Enforcement Officer, U.S. Department of the Treasury, U.S. Customs Service
  • 1981 - Owner/Operator, The Pride Kennels; Licensed, Texas Board of Private Investigators and Private Security Agencies
  • 1979 - Certified; CA Department of Education as Vocational Instructor, Dog Training
  • 1978 - Diploma; Master Trainer/Instructor in Obedience and Protection, Mandelyn Kennels, approved by the CA Department of Education and U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
  • 1976 - Owner/Operator; Hat's Pride, School for Dogs
  • 1974 - Certificate of Training; 12 week course Scout Dog Handler; Department of the Army

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